Auto Repair Services

Oil Changes

Auto Fix is your local oil change expert. If you don’t regularly change your vehicle’s oil, your engine could seize up on you due to dirty and contaminated oil. We recommend scheduling your oil change appointments every three months or 3,000 miles to help make sure that your engine will last as long as it can. With our oil change service we also include a full system check and lubrication. This is a great time to get your wipers changed and radiator fluid topped off as well.

Keep your vehicle running and in good condition with regular oil changes. Depending on vehicle age or type, choosing the right oil will make the difference between getting to your destinations and breaking down.

Engine Repair

Is your vehicle not running smoothly or is your check engine light on? Bring your vehicle in to Auto Fix, and we can run computer diagnostics to figure out what’s going on. With our computer diagnostics we will be able to pin point the problem and work with you to find a solution. Vehicles today have a number of different computer components in them. If one of the computer systems stops working properly, it can send a bad signal to your vehicle. By having a computer diagnostic test ran, we, at Auto Fix, can determine what needs to be replaced in your vehicle to restore it to proper operating condition. Whether your vehicle isn’t starting, the head gasket needs to be removed and replaced, the check engine light is on, there is an oil leak, the timing belt is off, the intake manifold gasket is bad or something else, you need to make sure you take your vehicle in at the first sign of trouble. It’s better to tackle the problem early to prevent from having to replace your entire engine later on down the road.

Transmission Repair

Auto Fix is a specialist in transmission repair. We can take care of a quick fix or a full transmission replacement. Without a working transmission, your vehicle won’t be able to accelerate or shift through the gears properly. Whether you are dealing with grinding, slipping, or leaks, you want to have your vehicle looked at when you first notice trouble.

Electrical Repair

Your vehicle has a number of different electrical components. Without a working electrical system, your windows, locks, lights, power accessories, warning lights, wiring, gauges and more, aren’t going to work properly. Bring your car in to Auto Fix of Henning, and we will take care of all of your electrical repair needs.

Brake Repair

Brake service at Auto Fix covers things like line replacement, drums, shoes, pads, rotors, hydraulic problems, anti-lock diagnostics and more. Your braking system is crucial to your vehicle and needs to be checked on a regular basis.

Shocks and Struts Repair or Replacement

The suspension in your vehicle provides you with a nice, smooth ride. If your vehicle is vibrating or riding rough, you might need Auto Fix to look into replacing your shocks or struts. Components like your drive axle, u-joints, ball joints, bushings and cv boots can all determine how your vehicle is going to ride.

Driveline Replacement

The driveline is composed of the engine and transmission. When one of these major components starts going out, you need to have it serviced to restore your vehicle back to proper working order. Whether you need a new gearbox, differential, drive shaft or something else, your vehicle needs all of these components to work together.

Other Services

We offer a wide variety of automotive services, if you don’t see the specific service listed on our services page, give us a call at 218-548-5480 and if we can’t help you out, we’ll direct you to the right place.

Tires / Wheels

We sale a wide variety of Tire brands in our shop, we could help you determine which one will fit your needs, fit your budget and provide the best results. Installing new tires will not only increase your car’s fuel efficiency, but it will also improves your car’s handling, braking ability and ride quality.

We offer tire repair and/or replacement. Tires may last 20,000 to 80,000 miles, depending upon quality and composition. But, we recommend replacing your tires when the wear bars are visible or there is less than 1/16 of an inch of tread remaining.

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