Uh-oh–your engine light is on!

When your engine light comes on, or flashes on and off, it indicates a problem in the computer control unit of the engine system. It’s important to have the trouble quickly and properly diagnosed. At Auto Fix, we are trained in reading engine light codes and identifying the root cause of those indicators.


Common thought is that when an engine light comes on, one can simply read the code in the vehicle’s computer, diagnose the problem, and replace the needed parts. At Auto Fix, we recognize the subtle difference between computer codes and computer diagnostics.

Suppose you are ill and your doctor orders a complete blood count test when you visit. The test results don’t immediately tell the doctor what is wrong with you; they indicate a problem and point him in the right direction to determine what it is. Likewise, computer codes indicate that the computer is receiving an abnormal reading. The trouble could be a faulty sensor, but it might be something else entirely. We use computer codes as tools to interpret the real problem, possibly saving you from unnecessarily replacing a sensor. If your check engine light comes on, call in or check in with the doctors at Auto Fix!

Auto Computer Flashing

The primary purpose for flashing a computer is because an update has been issued by the vehicle’s manufacturer. If you’ve received a notice from a manufacturer about an update, contact your dealership. However, computer flashing is also required after installing a new part or new computer system in a vehicle, and is sometimes necessary when electronic error readings persist, but no fix has resolved the issue. In such instances, Auto Fix can perform this service on all vehicle makes and models in our shop.


At Auto Fix, we are computer diagnostic doctors!

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